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Final Fantasy XI Celebrates its 8th Year Anniversary


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

It's been eight years since Final Fantasy XI made its North American debut, bringing the popular series online for the first time. Today the game's community team celebrated by gathering up every FFXI product they could find and taking a nice big picture with them.

Look at all that cool stuff.

It's very cool to know the game is still going strong, with forum goers happily recounting their favorite moments from the past year. It's also good that people still enjoy this antiquated game, since Final Fantasy XIV is still an awful mess of a game. As you may recall, XIV went free-to-play in December of last year, with Square promising to re-install a paid system once the game was fixed. They've just announced version 2.0 earlier this month, though the original game remains free (and terrible).

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