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3DS Getting Wheel Peripheral for Mario Kart 7


Posted by: David Sanchez

Remember the Nintendo 3DS Slide Pad? Well, that's ancient history. You can forget about that. Seriously, forget about it.

If you thought the analog nub was awful, wait until you get a load of this. Apparently, gamers who play Mario Kart 7 will have the option of purchasing a steering wheel accessory for their 3DS handhelds, reports Andriasang. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the nub is old news now, am I right?

The wheel is being manufactured by Hori, and it will launch in Japan on December 1. The price will be roughly 17 clams, so watch out for it. Really, watch out for it.

I'm not certain if we'll be getting the Hori wheel here in North America, but it's very likely. If not, then we'll probably get some other wheel by some other manufacturer. I just have one question: is anyone really going to be using this thing while waiting for the bus or sitting outside class?

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