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Battlefield 3 Install Size Revealed for Xbox 360


Posted by: Matt Liebl



Leaked images of early copies of Battlefield 3 installed on the Xbox 360 revealed the highly anticipated shooter is going to take up a whopping 15.5 GB of harddrive space.  As everyone knows by now, Battlefield 3 is shipping on two discs for the Xbox 360, one for the single-player campaign and one for multiplayer.  Also included on the second disc is an optional install for the high resolution textures available for BF3.
For those who choose to install these hi-res packs -- and judging from the screenshots you're going to want to -- you are looking at a 1.5 GB of space being eaten up.  The single-player disc will install for 6.7 GB on the Xbox hard drive, while the multi-player/co-op disc adds another 7.3 GB install.  Images show the day one update will eat up another 167 MB of space bringing the grand total install size on the Xbox 360 to a massive 15.5 GB.  For those keeping track, this is actually 4 GB more than the PC version of Battlefield 3 which installs at 11.6 GB.  In a recent unboxing video of the Battlefield 3 Limited Edition, it was shown that the PlayStation 3 version of Battlefield 3 will need only 2 GB HDD space.
Battlefield 3 total disc size
Better start clearing some space now as Battlefield 3 is set to launch Tuesday, October 25.





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