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Popular StarCraft 2 Mod 'StarCraft Universe' Now Playable Through Battlenet


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Remember when we announced the trailer of StarCraft Universe back in July?  Well, now it appears that StarCraft II Mapster is prepared to unleash the highly-anticipated PvP mode.  The development team has announced the PvP mode is now available to play through until October 30.  After that, it will be taken down for "further polishing," to be made ready for a future open beta.

StarCraft Universe is a game mod for StarCraft 2 focused on recreating multiplayer raid battle experiences found in another popular Blizzard game: World of Warcraft.  The objective of the game is to experience dungeon raiding and PvP arena in StarCraft 2.  The game allows players to create their own hero and battle together with friends through enemy forces or challenge each other in player versus player arenas.

Beginning today, StarCraft Universe players can experience the PvP aspect in an arena called the Encephalon Grid, where players can choose any available class and start out as a fully geared level 30 character.  Players will also begin with a mid-level starting kit of abilities, and "may even be able to unlock more abilities during hte preview," if enough matches are won.

Fans attending BlizzCon this weekend can also try out the new mod.

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