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The Sun Says Games Give Kids Dementia


Posted by: David Sanchez

If you have kids who play video games, take away their consoles this second. Sell them, throw them in the garbage, or hide them under your bed next to your rifle and porn stash. Just keep them away from your kids, because if you don't, it's all over for them.

According to The Sun, video games are causing dementia. Yes, you read that correctly. According to the highly respected and often accurate publication (sarcasm), some neuroscientist named Baroness Greenfield stated that video games can "blow the mind."

According to this crazy lady, video games can cause computer addiction, and they take away from the outdoors activities that children should be enjoying. They can also cause mental degeneration in our youth. In other words, they can get dementia from playing their favorite games.

I don't know who's more of a stupid moron, that Greenfield lady or the person who thought it would be wise to report on her findings. Then again, this is The Sun we're talking about, and we all know that the people who write for that tabloid can't be taken seriously as human beings.

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