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Superhero Teemo Soars Into League of Legends


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Look out Superman, there's a new hero in town.  Teemo, the Swift Scout, is trading in his blowgun and camo for a cape and a pair of tights.  Superhero Teemo is the latest skin now available for purchase in the League of Legends online store.  If you fancy the superhero lifestyle, this is the skin for you.

Below you can see in-game screenshots of the caped crusader in all his vigilante glory.  With his mushrooms replaced with Captain America-like shields with a giant T on them, Teemo will surely rid Summoner's Rift of it's crime. This is by far one of my favorite Skins for the yordle.  Complete with a black mask and blue tights Teemo now resembles a furry Superman.  Of course, you're not a superhero unless you can fly (sorry Batman).

Superhero Teemo

Superhero Teemo flying

Superhero Teemo wasn't the only champion to arrive in League of Legends.  Also released today was Infiltrator Irelia is now available.  Equipped in "menacing, yet form-fitting battle armor", the new Irelia skin will make you "feel like the star of a William Gibson novel."

Infiltrator Irelia

Infiltrator 2


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