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Star Wars: The Old Republic Site "Down for Maintenance"


Posted by: Matt Liebl

BioWare must have something big planned.  With a little over two months left before the official release of Star Wars: The Old Republic, it is assumed BioWare is preparing their site in preparation for the launch.

According to the official Star Wars: The Old Republic Twitter, "The official #SWTOR website will be down for maintenance starting at 12am Austin time. Approximate downtime is up to 12 hours."

While they they didn't confirm what they are working on, 12 hours may be considered a little excessive for "routine maintanance."  With an estiamted 12 hours downtime, expect the SWTOR site to be up around noon Central Time.

In the meantime, check out the latest video from BioWare as the developers debate who would win in a fight: Jedi Knight or Bounty Hunter.  Who is your pick?

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