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Today's Xbox LIVE Outage Confirmed as a 'Human Error'


Posted by: Tate Steinlage

In a year filled with several service attacks, highlighted by the Hackers Anonymous attack on PSN, many have questioned Xbox LIVE's defenses - if it could be taken down by such a group. For a short time today the service was shut down due to "error," instantly sending thousands into frantic. Sending relief to the community, Microsoft's Eric Neustadter has confirmed that the error was not due to an attack, but simply due to a human error. 

"The root cause of this outage was human error," he stated in a blog post. "A change resulted in an interruption to normal traffic flow within our datacenters, which logged users out and prevented them from logging back in. We're sorry for this, and we'll be updating our processes to prevent this from happening again in the future."  

The slightly inconvenient outage was shortlived, and since then, the service has been up and running with no problems whatsoever. Happy gaming, folks! 

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