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Square Enix: "Final Fantasy XIV Players to Only Get 8 Hours a Week"


Posted by: Jason Young

Fans looking forward to the launch of next month's Square Enix MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, brace yourselves. You may not be playing the game as much as you would think. According to an announcement made on the internal Final Fantasy XIV beta tester site by the game's director Nobuaki Komoto, players are limited to eight hours per week of playtime without receiving any xp hits.

Play an extra seven hours and your experience points dwindle down to 0%. "We wanted to introduce a system to reward players who don't have a lot of time to play. Maybe it looks as though we are placing long playing users at a disadvantage, but the idea is really to let play for short periods to be viable." Thankfully, according to an interview with, if you change classes in the game, the fatigue doesn't affect you. Meaning that Square really wants you to experiment; although it remains to be seen rather this just affects the class ranking experience or physical as well.

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