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Lost Planet 2 Heading to PC on October 15


Posted by: Steven Hopper

Capcom has revealed that Lost Planet 2, the bug-busting sequel to their 2007 hit, is finally coming to PCs on October 15. The game will offer up support for DirectX 11 and DirectX 9, as well as NVIDIA 3D Vision for those looking to play in 3D.

Additionally, if you’d like to gauge how well the game is going to run on your system, Capcom and NVIDIA have teamed up and released a downloadable preview. The preview allows you to test the game’s DirectX 9 and 11 capabilities and will players an estimate on the framerates they can expect from the game. Click here to download the preview.

The Lost Planet 2 preview includes:

Test A The primary purpose of Test A is to give an indication of typical game play performance of the PC running Lost Planet 2. (i.e. if you can run Mode A smoothly, the game will be playable at a similar condition). In this test, the character’s motion is randomized to give a slightly different outcome each time.

Test B The primary purpose of Test B is to push the PC to its limits and to evaluate the maximum performance of the PC. It utilizes many functions of Direct X11 resulting in a very performance-orientated, very demanding benchmark mode.

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