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Cash for Clunkers on GameFly


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

It’s been a messy year for games, with plenty of high budget flops watching sadly as savvy gamers save their money for true hits. Point is, games like Brink or Duke Nukem Forever definitely weren’t worth sixty bones. At ten bucks however…  I can see taking them for a spin. The highlight of today’s GameFly deals is definitely Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, which was a solid installment in the franchise. Still… Duke calls to us.

All of GameFly’s games are lightly used, and come with case and manual.

(360) Brink $9.99 (GameZone Score: 8)

(PS3) Brink  $9.99

(360) Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit $9.99 (GameZone Score: 7.5)

(PS3) Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit $9.99

(360) Duke Nukem Forever $9.99 (GameZone Score: 4.5 - Ouch!)

(PS3) Duke Nukem Forever $9.99

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