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12 League of Legends skins being retired


Skins are what drives the money train that League of Legends has become.  Every once in a while, Riot sends some skins to the Legacy vault, retiring them and making them unavailable to purchase.  This time, Riot is retiring 12 skins, but not before they offer them to you one more time for 75% off.  Also, the champions associated with those skins will bwe 20% off.  This sale starts today, Friday March 16, and it ends on Monday March 19.  After Monday, these skins will not be available to purchase, unless there is a special occassion that warrants a guest appearance.

The skins are purchasable with Riot Points (RP), which you can buy through the League of Legends store by either using a debit/credit card, redeeming a gift card code, applying it to your cell phone bill, or using an electronic check.

The skins headed to the Legacy vault are:

Matador Alistar (normally 975 RP) now 244 RP

matador alistar

Desert Trooper Garen (normally 520 RP) now 130 RP

desert trooper garen

Feral Warwick (normally 975 RP) now 244 RP

feral warwick

Vizier Malzahar (normally 520 RP) now 130 RP

Vizier Malzahar

Time Machine Zilean (normally 520 RP) now 130 RP

time machine zilean

Angler Jax (normally 975 RP) now 244 RP

angler jax

Frozen Shen (normally 520 RP) now 130 RP

frozen shen

Phantom Karthus (normally 460 RP) now 115 RP

phantom karthus

Safari Caitlyn (normally 975 RP) now 244 RP

safari caitlyn

Workshop Shaco (normally 975 RP) now 244 RP

workshop shaco

Noxus Poppy (normally 520 RP) now 130 RP

noxus poppy

Crimson Akali (normally 520 RP) now 130 RP

crimson akali

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