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1000-player FPS going for world record


Admittedly we're getting a bit sick of the Guiness World Records "Gamer's Edition," with awards like "Most Critically Acclaimed Snowboarding Game" (SSX) seeming more like paid advertisments than actual awards (oh look, there's a new SSX game coming out. How convenient!) Anyhow, that doesn't mean that all of the awards are stupid, with the upcoming record setting attempt by non-profit Swedish gaming organization MuchDifferent definitely catching our attention. Their goal? To host the world's first 1000-player deathmatch, assumedly without setting their servers on fire.

Currently the record is held by MAG for Playstation 3, a game which allows servers of up to 256 players. Quadrupling that number seems quite a task, though to deal with the strain of 1000 users all playing at once, MuchDifferent has designed a special game for the event known as Man vs. Machine. Obviously the game doesn't approach a Crysis level of technological precision, visuals appearing straight out of 1998, players limited to the single default weapon.

That being said, the thought of squaring off against hundreds of networked foes has us hungry to join this once-in-a-lifetime event. The developers have announced that the game will only be available for this one event, never to be played again.  Players can jockey for position when the game goes live January 29th, or can pay about $28USD in order to secure the chance to add their name to the history books.

$28 is a cheap price for immortality, even if it is the nerdiest version of immortality we can imagine.

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