1.1 million Xbox consoles shipped in Q4; Xbox One sales absent from financial report

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Last week, Microsoft announced that Xbox One sales in the U.S. more than doubled in June. But as I mentioned, without any sort of hard numbers to go by, it's hard to gauge what that really means in terms of units sold. Even after Microsoft's latest earnings call, in which the company reported an increase of 14 percent in Xbox Platform revenue, the cloud of uncertainty surrounding Xbox One remains.

For whatever reason, Microsoft refrained from sharing exact sales numbers for the Xbox One. Microsoft noted that it had sold in (aka shipped) 1.1 million Xbox consoles -- that's including Xbox 360 -- during the fourth quarter, drawing down channel inventory. Sure, that number is up compared to the 1 million consoles shipped during the prior year, but it still doesn't give us a solid idea as to how the actual console is selling. Simply put, we don't know how many of these Xbox One consoles shipped are being sold to consumers.

On the bright side -- and I suppose this is what's most important -- total revenue generated by Microsoft consoles was $104 million, a 14 percent increase since last year's fourth quarter. Although some of this revenue came from other hardware, Microsoft noted that the increase was driven "primarily by increased console revenue."

So no, we don't have exact numbers, but an increase in revenue is the overall goal, right?

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