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0 Day Attack on Earth for Xbox LIVE Arcade Launches Internationally Today

December 27, 2009

0 Day Attack on Earth for Xbox LIVE Arcade Launches Internationally Today

Square Enix, Inc. has announced that 0 Day Attack on Earth is now available for Xbox LIVE Arcade. 0 Day Attack on Earth is a shooter in which players battle against a sudden invasion of massive intruders. Fight off an immense attack that spans the globe, soaring high above the cityscapes of Tokyo, Paris and New York.

Visit the official 0 Day Attack on Earth website for additional information:

Massive intruders suddenly appear in Tokyo, New York and Paris, striking the defenseless world and its people with unprecedented fear. Those who manage to escape face the ultimate fight for their existence in a seven-day war-later known as "0 day Attack on Earth."

Engage in fierce battles against enemy intruders amid well known landmarks such as the Tokyo Tower, Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tower. Witness highly detailed environments-from parks to narrow paths-as well as enormous creatures that trump the size of all surrounding high-rise buildings. Take control of both analog sticks to maneuver your fighter jet and protect your town. Enjoy the exhilaration of defeating enemies while dodging a myriad of attacks. Online co-op play with up to four players and versus mode with up to eight players offer endless fuel for battle!

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