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Hitman Go

PAX East 2014: Hitman GO has Square Enix flexing their franchise

Combine the words "Hitman" and "mobile game" and you're likely to get an audible groan from the...

Wake the Dreamer feat

Week in Mobile: This Tamagotchi-like game is your life, only how you dreamed it

In the real world, we go about our lives as adults — siblings or parents, maybe, and whatever roles we fulfill at our...


Week in Mobile: Okabu dev explains why upcoming game Seabeard isn’t an Animal Crossing or Zelda clone

Take one glance at Seabeard, and it might remind you of Animal Crossing or even The Legend of Zelda. Clones are easy to come...

Glorkian Warrior featured

Week in Mobile: Glorkian Warrior writes a punchy love letter to classic alien shooters

For Pixeljam Games, the nostalgia of the classic arcade alien-shooter is bedded in its simplicity. Glorkian Warrior: The...

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