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why i stopped playing wildstar

Why I stopped playing WildStar

WildStar is hands down my favorite game of 2014. With over 10 years of MMORPG experience behind me, I spent the better part...

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wildstar feature

WildStar Review in Progress Part 2: Harder, better, faster, stronger

This is Part Two of our WildStar Review in progress. For Part One, click HERE. This part will cover levels 20 through...

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WildStar Interview: The present and future of housing

If you’re like me and my group of friends, the leveling experience in WildStar slowed down quite a bit at level 14...

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wildstar feature image

WildStar Review in Progress: The building blocks to something great

Reviewing a MMORPG like WildStar is quite an undertaking. It probably has the most content of any MMO at launch, and...

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