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A list of the most popular gaming topics and terms.

Term Definition

1. An abbreviation for elite.

--In a sentence: "That was so 1337.

--Also known as: l33t, leet

--Originated from 31337 (eleet) that was used as a port to hack Windows 95 by the Dead Cow Cult hacker group.


1. A gameserver administrator.

--In a sentence: "I'm going to ask an admin for help."



1. Away from keyboard.

--In a sentence: "I'm going AFK for two minutes."



1. At the moment.

--In a sentence: "I'm busy atm."


1.To prohibit certain players by banning the IP address [usually done when rules have been broken].

--In a sentence: "OMG BAN HIM! He's cheating!"

--Also known as: Banhammer


1. An incomplete version of a game that is released to the public for testing, debugging and exposure.

In a sentence: "I hope I get into the Beta..."

See also: OBT, CBT



1. Battleground. [in WoW]

2. Bad game

--In a sentence:  "Want to run a BG?"

--In a sentence: "I am disappointed, BG."

Bio Break

1. Used in reference to needing a break to use the restroom.

--In a sentence: "Brb bio"..."I need a bio break."

--Originated in FFXI (Final Fantasy 11). Players with language barriers linked spells [Bio, Break] to show when they needed a restroom break.



1. Bind on pick up.

--In a sentence: "That item is BoP."


1. A temporary spell/effect that benefits a player.

2. as a verb: to apply buffs.

--In a sentence: 1. "The ICC buff makes the raid to easy."

--In a sentence: 2. "Buff up guys!"