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Four million players and counting have already discovered the exhilarating Zumba Fitness interactive video game work out. Following the worldwide best-selling original, Zumba Fitness Rush builds on that phenomenal success while elevating the exer-game category to a new level of fun, effective fitness. This cutting-edge experience layers in a wealth of exclusive content only available on Kinect, plus lots of new features and improvements that amp up the dance fitness play so you can party yourself into shape!

Zumba Fitness RUSH Cheats


Trophy Xbox 360
Bronze Choreographer (15) Create a Playlist
Bronze Class (15) Finish a Short Class
Bronze Star (15) Complete a low intensity single song with five stars
Completionist (50) Unlock every achievement
Cumbia Pro (15) Complete "Learn the Steps" Cumbia
Duo Stars (50) Finish a two player song with ten Stars
Gold Choreographer (40) Create four playlists
Gold Class (40) Finish a Full-Length Class
Gold Star (50) Complete a high intensity single song with five stars
Join the Party (15) Complete your first Zumba Fitness: Rush song
Locksmith (50) Unlock all bonus videos
Masterclass Mover (50) Play and complete every class
Merengue Pro (15) Complete "Learn the Steps" Merengue
Reggaeton Pro (15) Complete "Learn the Steps" Reggaeton
Salsa Pro (15) Complete "Learn the Steps" Salsa
Silver Choreographer (25) Create two playlists
Silver Class (25) Finish a Mid-Length Class
Silver Star (25) Complete a medium intensity single song with five stars
Total Dancer (50) Play and complete every song, earning at least one star
World Traveler (50) Play in all the venues
Zumba Aficionado (50) Play Zumba Fitness: Rush for twelve hours in a month
Zumba Diploma (50) Complete all tutorials
Zumba Duo (25) Complete a Full Class with two players
Zumba Expert (15) Get above 80% technique in one song
Zumba Fan (15) Play Zumba Fitness: Rush on at least two different days in a single week
Zumba Fire (25) Burn 10000 Calories
Zumba Heat (15) Burn 2000 calories
Zumba Inferno (40) Burn 20000 calories
Zumba Lover (25) Play Zumba Fitness: Rush on at least four different days in a single week
Zumba Master (40) Get above 80% technique in ten songs
Zumba Pro (25) Get above 80% technique in three songs
Zumba Socialite (50) Dance with all 6 instructors

Unlock "Quebro" Exclusive

Unlock Xbox 360

On the Song Select Screen press: LT then X then RB