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Zuma's Revenge! Review

If you're like me, you're playing Zuma on your computer while you're supposed to be working. I'm one of those people that get sucked into and addicted to games like this. Zuma is on its way to the iOS, but if you need your mobile ball-blasting action now, Zuma's Revenge! is available on the Nintendo DS. How does it hold up on a handheld? Pretty damn good. The story of... Read Review

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Plants vs. Zombies Joins the Competitive Scene

Plants vs. Zombies Joins the Competitive Scene

Well, it was only a matter of time. Hundreds of titles over all sorts of consoles are played competitively online. Whether it's a PS3, 360, PS3, or PC game, players will be sure to find some sort of viable website with a ladder system, monthly tournaments, and "season" play. Latest to join the crowd is PopCap's Plants vs. Zombies. This critically-acclaimed, addicting puzzler isn't just for dads, sisters, and grandmas anymore - it's now a title that appeals to everyone, hardcore or casual. Oh wait... it's always been like that. Read More

kombo Apr 30, 2010 | Comments
Toy Soldiers Helps Blur the Line Between Hardcore and Casual Gamers

Toy Soldiers Helps Blur the Line Between Hardcore and Casual Gamers

The likes of Farmville, Tetris, and Bejeweled Blitz have invaded your Facebook homepage for months now, and it's no wonder that Microsoft is closing the gap between so called "social gamers" and the "hardcore" market. Toy Soldiers, a Signal Studios project, launched yesterday looking to bridge the hole between games on Facebook and games on the Xbox 360. For example: someone in San Francisco could be playing Toy Soldiers on the XBLA, while his best friend in Toronto plays the "social" version on Facebook, Match Defense: Toy Soldiers. Both games are intertwined so that the score earned by Mr. Toronto is then associated with Mr. San Francisco, to the point where both players are contributing to the same cause in the World War I game. Read More

kombo Mar 4, 2010 | Comments