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Zone 4: Fight District is a 3D, fighting MMO with varied game modes and plenty of martial arts styles to master. Zone 4 offers a story mode where players can work together to clear stages in classic brawler fashion. Fight your way to the top, form gangs, and battle it out with up to 32 players per match. Compete in PVP arenas, or go Co-op in the Arcade Zones to take out tough bosses.

Zone 4: Fight District Review

Do you have an itch to pummel someone's face? Zone 4: Fight District might be the game you have searching far and wide for. Utilizing the beat 'em up formula, Z4 brings it all into a persistent online world.After a very brief and lackluster character customization, you are allowed to select from six characters that include but aren't limited to Street Fighter or a Rush Fighter. Street Fighters focus on crush attacks, which are combo-based attacks. They lay on damage by repeated punches and kicks. Rush Fighters on the other hand focus on holds, more akin to a wrestler. Their attacks do more damage when grappling an enemy. At level 10, you can then advance each style further into one out of three sub-styles. Street Fighters are allowed to advance onto Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai or Boxing,... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Zone 4: Fight District.