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Zeno Clash II Review

I volunteered to review Zeno Clash 2, the post-four-year successor to Chilean developer Ace Team’s debut title Zeno Clash, because of its bizarro-world graphics. Surely a game that looks as original as this would produce an equally wacky story. It does. Unfortunately, that’s only the start of its problems. The most fun I had in this game was kicking tiny blue crabs unnecessarily hard. Wandering the realm of Zenozoik is a Dada-esque experience, where oddities wait around every turn and barbaric inhabitants put the word “mutant” to shame. The weird, strung-out music and first-person view affirm your awkwardness; as you stare at passersby, they gawk blankly back at you. For siblings Ghat and Rimat, this is everyday life. Their first order of business... Read Review

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