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Zeno Clash II Review

I volunteered to review Zeno Clash 2, the post-four-year successor to Chilean developer Ace Team’s debut title Zeno Clash, because of its bizarro-world graphics. Surely a game that looks as original as this would produce an equally wacky story. It does. Unfortunately, that’s only the start of its problems. The most fun I had in this game was kicking tiny blue crabs unnecessarily hard. Wandering the realm of Zenozoik is a Dada-esque experience, where oddities wait around every turn and barbaric inhabitants put the word “mutant” to shame. The weird, strung-out music and first-person view affirm your awkwardness; as you stare at passersby, they gawk blankly back at you. For siblings Ghat and Rimat, this is everyday life. Their first order of business... Read Review

Zeno Clash II Cheats

There are currently no cheats available for Zeno Clash II.