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Ys Seven Review

The Ys role-playing game series is one of Japan's longest running and most popular RPGs that started on the PC back in 1987. It obviously doesn't release installments as quickly as other famous JRPG series, such as Final Fantasy, but also unlike FF, every Ys game centers on the same character, the red-headed Adol Christin. Despite its popularity in Japan, the game is unfortunately not as well known across the Pacific except among hardcore JRPG fans. Case in point, this game released in Japan last Fall and released here at the end of August.Ys Seven, the aptly named seventh game in the series, could similarly fall by the wayside outside of niche gamers, but this one really shouldn't. It's way too much fun to brush off, even for a PSP game, and it's one that non-JRPG fans will enjoy as well. Read More


Ys: Oath in Felghana Gets a Collectors Edition

Ys Seven may have literally just released, but XSeed is already requesting preorders on the next installment in the series. Ys Seven was a 2009 release in Japan, but here in the states, we've only been hacking and slashing monsters since the end of August. There is no official release date yet, but the plan is to have Ys: The Oath in Felghana available to PSP gamers later this year. That means, without the possible appearance of delays, we could have two seperate Ys titles in 2010. Not even a certain sports title whose name refers to an entirely different sport in Europe releases that fast. I'm referring to Madden in case there was any uncertainty. Click on through to find out what sort of stuff is included in the collector's edition. Read More