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Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 Cheats

Chill Out (5) Complete a Cool Down Activity
Cold as Ice (5) Complete every Cool Down Activity
Control Freak (10) Complete all 4 weeks of the Weight Control plan 3 times
Under Control (5) Complete one week of the Weight Control plan 3 times
Jump for Your Life! (10) Play Jump Rope: Survival 10 times
Resolution Keeper (10) Complete all 4 weeks of the Lose Weight plan 3 times
Start the New Year Right (5) Complete one week of the Lose Weight plan 3 times


Trophy Xbox 360
1 Black Star (60) Burn 100,000 calories.
2 Black Star (65) Burn 150,000 calories
3 Black Star (70) Burn 200,000 calories
3,2,1, go! (5) Complete any 1-player Activity
Addicted to Fun (20) Complete 20 types of 1-player Activities
Be part of the community (5) Subscribe to an event on (If in Asia, play any multi-player activity in-game.)
Beautiful Beginnings (5) Complete any Workout
Black Belt (50) Burn 50,000 calories.
Blue Belt (10) Burn 1500 calories.
Bring It On! (40) Complete all available Workouts
Bring on the Bling (10) Collect 5 different Medals
Brown Belt (40) Burn 15,000 calories.
Complete a G Series FIT™ Workout (5) Complete Gunnar Peterson's Workout
Consistent Contender (25) Earn 3 stamps a week, for 4 weeks straight
Creature of Habit (20) Burn at least 100 calories per week for 4 consecutive weeks.
Decathlete (15) Complete 10 types of Workouts
First 1K (10) Burn 1000 calories.
Fitness Scout (10) Collect 5 different badges
Goal-getter (40) Complete an Objective
Going Pro (40) Complete all 1-player Activities available
Graduate (40) Try and finish all available Classes
Green Belt (10) Burn 600 calories.
Head in the Game (10) Complete 3 types of 1-player Activities
Head of the Class (20) Try and finish 20 types of Classes
I Get Around (10) Complete every type of 1-player Activity
I Go Out Running (30) Finish every race in every city
In it to Win It (10) Complete 5 types of 1-player Activities
Jump Around! (10) Complete a Jump Rope 1-player Activity
Let's Get Hot! (10) Complete every type of Warm Up
Meritorious (60) Collect every badge
Olympian (20) Complete 20 types of Workouts
Orange Belt (5) Burn 100 calories.
Playing for Keeps (15) Complete 10 types of 1-player Activities
Purple Belt (20) Burn 3000 calories.
Ready Steady Go! (5) Create/accept a challenge on (If in Asia, complete a Run the World challenge.)
Red Belt (30) Burn 6000 calories.
Safari, So Good! (10) Complete an African Rhythms Class
Solid Gold (50) Collect all Medals
Teacher's Pet (15) Try and finish 10 types of Classes
The Keener (10) Try and finish 5 types of Classes
The Spartan (5) Burn 300 calories.
The Whole Package (10) Complete every type of Workout
Three's Company (10) Complete 3 types of Workouts
Track your progress online (5) Check your progress on (If in Asia, access the My Stats section.)
Triple Threat (10) Try and finish 3 types of Classes
Try-Out (5) Complete any Class
Valedictorian (10) Try and finish every type of Class
Variety is Spice (10) Complete 5 types of Workouts