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Cheats for Yoshi's Touch & Go

Coin Bonus!

  • DS
  • hint

If you circle two gold coins they both turn into one blue coin! 

Purple Yoshi

  • DS
  • unlock

Pass the 20,000 yard mark in Marathon Mode

Tickle Baby Mario!

  • DS
  • egg

At the very end of the flying level, when Baby Mario is about to fall to the floor he will change from the upper screen to the touch screen. Touch Baby Mario with the stylus and you will tickle him!

Extra Game Modes

  • DS
  • unlock
Challenge Mode Last for longer than 3000 meters in Endless mode.
Time Attack Mode Score more than 300 in the Score Attack mode.

More Colors and More Eggs

  • DS
  • unlock


Black Yoshi (50 Eggs +1 For Each Point Over 160) Get 160 Points in flying level
Blue yoshi (Can hold 35 eggs) Get 100 points in flying level
Bronze Yoshi (60 Eggs) 10,000m Endless
Pink yoshi (Can hold 30 eggs) Get 80 points in the flying level
Purple Yoshi(can hold 50 eggs) Get 0 points in Challenge mode.
Red yoshi (Can hold 45 eggs) Get 140 points in flying level
Sky blue yoshi (Can hold 25 eggs) Get 60 points in the flying level
VERY light blue Yoshi (unlimited eggs) Get 0 points in time attack
White Yoshi (Unlimited Eggs) Performance Related
Yellow yoshi (Can hold 40 eggs) Get 120 points in flying level

Balloon Popping Mini Game

  • DS
  • unlock

Get the top high score on each single player mode. Then click on the small balloons behind the main menu options.