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Top Ten Mondays: Video Game Engineers

Much is said about game designers. They are the celebrities of our industry, much akin to those who sit in the director's chair in Hollywood. But just like the film industry, little is ever mentioned concerning the folks behind the scenes. Without video game hardware, video game software cannot exist. Here's a look at ten of the most influential engineers in the history of video game hardware. #10: Steve Jobs The iPad and the iPhone may not exactly be a haven for quality video game experiences, but one cannot dispute the influence of Steve Jobs on the world of video game tecnology. While it was Nintendo that initially brought the touch-screen interface to the mainstream populace in 2004, it was Jobs who perfected the interface over many years of R&D. The iPad can recognize up to eleven fingers simultaneously and is arguably the most inviting casual gaming platform. The screens of the two devices offer one of the most natural input experiences of any platform, even if the finger is considerably less accurate than a stylus or mouse. Read More


PSP "running into a brick wall" says Pachter.

In many ways the PSP is one of the most successful handhelds of all time. It might seem a bit odd saying that considering it lives deep in the shadow of the Nintendo DS. That said, the fact that it has survived at all while competing against a Nintendo portable, something no other handheld has been able to do, should earn it some recognition. Analyst Michael Pachter however feels that whatever the PSP's successes, that Sony's little black handheld is "running into a brick wall." Find out why after the break. Read More


Nintendo Media Summit: Semi-Live Blog

So, Nintendo's media summit is scheduled to get under way any time now. I'm not actually there, but I'm keeping an eye on a number of people who are, so hopefully that will be close enough. We did get an invite, but I'm not sure of our liveblogging capabilities otherwise. So, if we got an invite, why aren't I there? To the best of my knowledge, it's for people in the San Francisco area, or who can pay their own way, and that's a bit of an expensive commute from Toronto, so there you have it. But if there is any hands-on stuff to be had, I'm sure we'll bring it to you soon. For now? Just waiting for news to pour in; refresh this post (not on the front page) to keep up with the latest buzz. It's six minutes after noon as we speak, with the summit scheduled for noon EST/9am PST, and it seems people are still being seated/things are still getting ready. Not all that surprising, really; if Nintendo has ever started one of these things on time, be it here, E3, or elsewhere, I don't remember it. Not necessarily a bad thing, though; I just think they aren't prepared for the turnout they tend to get. Read More


Media: More New Super Mario Bros. Wii Images, Q&A, and Pachter's Prediction

Lots of new New Super Mario Bros. Wii fun and info to partake in today, including a number of new character images added to our gallery. Imagine my disappointment when I saw the header "Character Added for New Super Mario Bros. Wii" on their page, and it turned out the word "art" had seemingly been omitted. Alas. In any case, you'll find all the new art at the end of this post. But first, the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine has continued its massive New Super Mario Bros. Wii Q&A, in conjunction with GoNintendo. Check out some of our selected excerpts after the cut, plus Michael Pachter's prediction of how the game will perform. Read More


Media: The New Super Mario Bros. Wii Megapost

Wow, and I thought we had a lot to talk about yesterday regarding New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but since posting that article, a ton of new stuff has come up regarding the game, including a lot of info from Nintendo EAD General Manager Shigeru Miyamoto, more details on the Super Guide, a ton of videos, and a big bunch of new screens in our gallery. And for added convenience, I've given each part of the story following the videos its own header, making it easier to find the info you want. So without further ado, let's-a go! From the new official website (via GoNintendo) comes a new video showing off Mario and company's "super skills:" It looks like we can put fears of a Penguin Suit-less game to rest, as we see it sliding its way through rows of bricks. It looks like the Mini Mushroom returns, too. Another interesting feat is that it appears Mario can now kick a moving shell from behind to keep it propelling forward. And check out the part with the Yoshis flutter-jumping Bullet Bills for 1UPs; it seems that an unseen audience applauds your moves with every new life you get. More, much more, after the cut. Read More


So, Why Isn't X-Men Origins: Wolverine Going to Japan?

According to a post at DannyChoo.com, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is only now hitting theaters in Japan, some four months after its release elsewhere across the world. But, "despite the amount of moolah that they are pouring into TV advertising and what have you, there are no plans to release the game "X-Men Origins - Wolverine - Uncaged Edition" in Japan." The game saw release in North America, Europe, and even Asia back in May, and has garnered some decent reviews (as far as movie-licensed titles go). And for this, one writer for Japanese website Ameba expresses his disappointment, advocating those inclined to play it to import the title. But why won't they release it there? That's the fun part of this little tale. Read More


DSi Goes American: DSiWare, New User Interface, and More

The admirably lucky Stephen Totilo of MTV Multiplayer recently got to spend about half an hour with the Nintendo DSi, which was given a price and release date yesterday for the land of the free and home of the brave, plus its hat. We've learned a bit about the console since its announcement and release in Japan last year, but as we should all know by now, we don't live in Japan, so not everything necessarily applies. So here's a little of what Totilo discovered about the DS Lite's successor. Read More