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Media: New Super Mario Bros. Wii - GameTrailers Preview and More

Normally, I wouldn't go about posting previews from other sites here, not even GameTrailers, but I noticed quite a bit of footage and detail in this one for New Super Mario Bros. that I thought made it worth sharing. Some things to keep an eye out for while watching the video: Larry Koopa perched atop the midway-castle on the world map, to say nothing of the map itself (0:12), the ability to add/drop players during a game without going to the main menu (1:02), an SMB3-ish card game and item menu (1:35), the Super Guide in action (1:54), and Larry Koopa getting hooked on the Brothers (2:40). Video Games | New Super Mario Bros. Wii | PreviewXBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii Some other details which have come up, courtesy of this month's December issue of Nintendo Power, volume 248 with a NSMBWii cover, are confirmation that Yoshi stays behind when you finish a level, as well as the first news of a second control option: players who prefer analog sticks can hook up the Nunchuk to the Wii Remote and play that way as well. Read More


My Games This Weekend - 10.16.09

So, I finally managed to get Scribblenauts last weekend, and what an odd case this game is. I love the concept, but the execution is indeed rather lacking. When stuff works, it's great, but so often, things don't work, and that's when it gets frustrating. Maxwell controlling like a fish with A.D.D. flopping around on dry land doesn't help matters, either. And yet, it is so addictive. I prefer the puzzle portions to the action, for the reasons stated above. So far, my favorite moment is restarting the car, Back to the Future style. I need to get my review of TMNT: Smash-Up done, so I might pop that in for a few minutes, and I may also go back to Yoshi's Island DS, which was my traveling companion last week. I'm about halfway to the finish on that one, but I've decided not to go for a perfect run; I think a bare-bones completion of the game will suit me just fine. So, those are my games this weekend. What are yours? Read More


My Games This Weekend - 09.25.09

Still waiting on some paychecks to arrive, so unfortunately, the double-dose of joy that is Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and Scribblenauts continues to elude me. But other than being anxious to try them out, I'm not too bothered, as I have a nice backlog to work through until then. I just finished Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations earlier this week, but I want a small break before I jump into Apollo Justice. I have Yoshi's Island DS and Sonic Chronicles to play through, as well as Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia to tackle, though my wife is busy on that one. The New Super Mario Bros. Wii buzz from earlier this week has me wanting to play that, so I'll probably do so. I'm also craving No More Heroes and Crackdown. Maybe my schedule will allow me to get in some time with those as well. So, those are my games this weekend. What are yours? Read More


My Games This Weekend - 05.15.09 - The "You Tell Me What to Play" Edition

So, here's the deal. My games this weekend? More of the usual fare, such as Animal Crossing: City Folk and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, maybe a little Virtual Console... while I'm at home. The thing is, I actually expect to be out and about quite a bit over the weekend, so that means that my DS is going into the pouch on my belt and riding with me. But what do I play? I have three great games which I received around Christmas, three great games which I've yet to touch: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, and Yoshi's Island 2. A tough roster to pick one from. So that's where you come in: Reply in the comments, and tell me where I should start. Whatever has the most votes before I step out the door is what I'll take with me on my travels, and perhaps talk about on Monday (assuming anyone cares). Read More


Update: Nintendo Dismisses New Mario Kart Info

Update: Yesterday, it was reported that Snaking would return in Mario Kart Wii, among other information, but perhaps the only "snaking" being done was on the part of the writers for the magazine who reported the information. According to a Nintendo spokesperson: "Nintendo has not announced any further information on Mario Kart. We've spoken to the magazine and it's just pure rumour and speculation on their part." Original Story: German magazine NMag (via GoNintendo) claims to have new details on Nintendo's upcoming Mario Kart title for the Wii. Power sliding and snaking (gaining constant boosts of speed by excessively power sliding) will both be making a return. Joining the driver crew will be Boo and Baby Peach, the latter of whom has appeared in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time and again in Yoshi's Island DS. The game is said to offer different vehicles for every character. We knew this already, but Nintendo will be including an online battle mode, a feature sorely lacking in the outstanding Mario Kart DS. What will be returning from the DS rendition is a mix between old and new courses (16 old, 16 new). Control wise, expect to be twisting that Wii Remote similarly to what was required in Excite Truck. Read More