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Yoostar on MTV for Xbox 360

Yoostar on MTV is an audio/video karaoke game exclusive to Xbox 360 that utilizes the recording capabilities of the Kinect Sensor for Xbox 360.

Yoostar on MTV


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Yoostar is joining forces with one of the most powerful brands in entertainment, MTV, to fulfill the dreams of pop culture fans and gamers alike, by giving everyone the opportunity to star in the most iconic scenes to ever hit cable TV. With over 30 years of live events, news, classic, reality, and original shows to choose from, as well as the inclusion of upcoming shows to maximize its cultural relevancy, theextensive library of trend-setting and entertaining content leaves no stone unturned. Of course, it couldn't be an MTV product without music videos! Some of the best music videos of the last several decades will be playable in Yoostar on MTV. With Yoostar's newly upgraded Virtual Green Screen technology VGS 2.0,players will be able to seamlessly insert themselves into the best of MTV programming from its 30 years. Perform the lines as written, or improvise and deliver an original performance. After you've finished, showoff to your friends byuploading your performances to Yoostar Playground, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.