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In a society where respect and honor holds great importance, there is an even higher regard for these traits within the one organization that is most feared by all: the Yakuza. Kiryu Kazuma

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The Yakuza series is special. Special in a way that it's an ever-evolving franchise that builds upon each release with more characters and deeper storylines. Yet it somehow manages to retain its 90s beat-em-up approach with simple, hard hitting moves. The completely polarizing design philosophy extends to the game's main narrative and side-missions. The narratives are always series, often emotion-filled rollercoasters, but then when you're not taking care of business, you take up Karaoke in a bar, or slot car racing, or arcade games. It's crazy and whacky, and yet, somehow it just works. What's great about Yakuza 0, outside of the series finally being on current-gen hardware, is that it's also a perfect entry point for newcomers. With Yakuza Kiwami... Read Review

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