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From Zombie table tennis to gunning down the walking dead on a date with a beautiful hostess, all the side missions, clubs, karaoke, bars, dungeon crawling, and more are back.

Yakuza: Dead Souls Review

What could be a more perfect way to introduce the sometimes shambling, sometimes sprinting, baseball bat-swinging, molotov cocktail-hurling zombies of Yakuza: Dead Souls than to show the black and white, age-old variety on a small television screen in a Tokyo apartment, the fictional walking dead staggering toward the viewer as the real life, full-color equivalent stumbles into the very room? Dead Souls hammers out a single, obligatory “What the hell is going on here?” line of dialogue — the kind far too many other sources of zombie fiction stretch into tedious, cliche expositions — and gets on with the show. The game only pauses the action when you come up from the sewers or out of the quarantine zone for air, and even then your time in a safe and friendly... Read Review

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