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Xotic is an arcade-style first-person shooter where you rack up huge scores by shooting enemies, detonating chain reactions, and discovering secret power-ups and point multipliers. Armed with a weaponized symbiotic creature called the Macroterra, you must cleanse the evil presence and re-plant the seeds of life on a planet ravaged by the minions of the Orb. Destroy the insidious scab plants and new life will grow in their place, diminishing the Orb’s control of the planet. Trigger scab plant chain reactions to earn score multipliers and chain bonus points. Collect Orb essence to boost your score, or grab them in mid-air to earn an aerial combo bonus. Seek out and destroy the hidden Orb brains and collect all of the Orb essence in each level for even more points. Earn experience points to upgrade your weapons and skills, including “Absorbtion” which pulls points towards you automatically! Unlock the secrets of “Hard Hologram” technology to deploy mobile shields or aerial landing platforms.

Xotic Review

Xotic is downright properly named, the game is quite, well – exotic.  What I mean by this statement is, when I was asked what sort of game it is, I wasn't quite sure how to answer.  My answer was a mesh up of something along the lines of a FPS, points gaining, competitive, and chain reaction sort of game.  While it plays like a first-person shooter, it is truly like no other game I’ve ever played The game is an arcade-style first person shooter.  While you play, you rank up points, keep chains going, and compete on leaderboards.  During the course of gameplay you shoot at scab plants which start a chain reaction with the other scab plants in proximity.  This is what boosts your point multiplier – your goal is to keep this... Read Review

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Aerial Artistry (5) Successfully perform an Aerial Combo
Cirque du Exod (20) Successfully perform 10 Aerial Combos in one level
Epic Champion (35) Earn a ranking of 5 stars on every level on the Hard difficulty level
Essence Hunter (10) Pick up all Orb Essence in a level that contains more than 50
Fly Kill (10) Kill an enemy while in mid jump
Green Thumb (30) Destroy all Scab Plants in a level in a single chain on at least 15 different levels.
Hologram Rider (5) Land on top of a Hard Hologram after performing a triple jump
Invincible (25) Complete a combat level in The Vanishing City without taking any damage
Multi Kill (15) Kill multiple enemies with 1 shot
Scab Destroyer (20) Destroy 1000 Scab Plants
Sharp Shooter (10) Intercept 10 enemy projectiles out of mid air
Speed Kill (15) Kill 3 enemies in less than 10 seconds