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Dead Space 2 debut trailer hints further at Clark's dementia (Dead Space spoilers ahead)

"Where are you going? It's not over between us. You can't run forever.." So says Nicole Brennan, Isaac Clark's dead girlfriend, toward the end of the debut trailer for Dead Space 2. The trailer was released yesterday after being hinted at in the awesome Rorschach test marketing materials Kombo examined by Kombo earlier this week. Brennan, who is definitely dead, by the way, is the medical officer who sent out the original distress signal from onboard the USG Ishimura, and the reason Isaac boarded the doomed mining ship in Dead Space. Whether through the video log that reveals her decision to kill herself or the realization that the first letters of each chapter spell out "N I C O L E I S D E A D," by the end of the game it's made clear that Isaac has been hallucinating her various appearances. The final frame of the game's ending shows Brennan's necromorphed corpse about to chow down on Isaac's face. Heavy stuff. Hit the jump for more. Read More


Activision Throws Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 into the 'Pool

For the Civil War-based Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, a significant portion of the cast remains a secret. Fortunately, thanks to an ad for the game included with the recently-released X-Men Origins: Wolverine game, we can all rest a little easier knowing that the Merc with the Mouth will be on the case, making the world a little bit safer for all us non-metahuman types who must deal with the ramifications and unaccountable actions of the unregistered members of the superhuman community. Indeed, alongside the Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-man, and other confirmed characters is none other than Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool. And unlike those named, he doesn't have uncontrollable anger issues, an adamantium-laced skeleton, or the need to make deals with Mephisto just to have friends. Okay, so two out of three ain't bad; at least he has a healing factor and a greater sense of what's going on. Activision hasn't made it "official" yet, but I can't imagine them advertising a character like this with no intent of using him. That would be asinine. Oh, and in case you were wondering: The version of Wade shown is that of the classic comics version, not the *spoiler edit* movie version. Read More


Wii List for 2009 Released, Punch-Out!! Dated

Own a Wii and curious when some of the games you are looking forward to will be coming out this year? Well you've come to the right place. Nintendo has released its full list of games for 2009, and a little bit of info about the game that most people are excited for, Punch-Out!! Wii. Here's the official blurb about the game: "The core game mechanics revolve around the tactics of boxing, detecting and exploiting weaknesses in the opponent's defence. Punch-Out follows the story of Little Mac, an up-and-coming boxer from the Bronx, NY, on his way to becoming the boxing World Champion. The game includes various signature characters and the Wii Motion controls provide an intuitive & unique boxing experience." Press releases can make anything sound boring, don't you think? But that's not why you stopped anyway. Hit the jump for Nintendo's 2009 list. Read More


Tomorrow, PlayStation Takes You Home

Two days ago, the Times Online stated that PlayStation Home would be out within the next ten days, but Sony refused to comment. But as it turns out, they were right... and with plenty of room to spare. Read More


Proxy Wars

Disclaimer: The proceeding article is editorial content. The views expressed are those of the author and do not neccessarily... Read More