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X-Men Destiny Review

In hindsight, I kind of feel sorry for the console version of X-Men Destiny.  I personally think the game is pretty good, considering it goes in a completely different direction than most games, and though the combat is repetitive, there’s some sort of purpose behind it.  However, that game’s going to get buried next week when the superior Batman: Arkham City comes out,... Read Review

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Wii List for 2009 Released, Punch-Out!! Dated

Wii List for 2009 Released, Punch-Out!! Dated

Own a Wii and curious when some of the games you are looking forward to will be coming out this year? Well you've come to the right place. Nintendo has released its full list of games for 2009, and a little bit of info about the game that most people are excited for, Punch-Out!! Wii. Here's the official blurb about the game: "The core game mechanics revolve around the tactics of boxing, detecting and exploiting weaknesses in the opponent's defence. Punch-Out follows the story of Little Mac, an up-and-coming boxer from the Bronx, NY, on his way to becoming the boxing World Champion. The game includes various signature characters and the Wii Motion controls provide an intuitive & unique boxing experience." Press releases can make anything sound boring, don't you think? But that's not why you stopped anyway. Hit the jump for Nintendo's 2009 list. Read More

kombo Mar 16, 2009 | Comments