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Wreckateer is a puzzle video game.  Set in a fantasy medieval era, Wreckateer casts players as part of a demolition team tasked with destroying various structures.  Players use the Kinect motion sensor to launch projectiles from a ballista and then guide them in-flight to their targets. 

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The popularity of Angry Birds can’t be overlooked, and it isn’t a matter of being built around complicated gameplay, but taking the rather basic formula for destruction and making it accessible for all ages of players.  In a similar sense, Wreckateer does the same thing for Xbox Live Arcade, providing a great deal of humorous destruction for around $15 – while at the same time giving Kinect owners another reason to be happy with their purchase. In the game, you’re the latest member of the Wreck & Tinker Destruction Company, a medieval team whose primary task is to bring down goblin-filled castles and other structures.  To do this, you’ll use a various amount of ammunition, from basic shots that you can touch up with hand gestures to... Read Review

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