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Worms is a cleverly balanced turn-based strategy game in which teams of worms battle across bizarre randomly generated landscapes for supremacy. Each team takes its turn to pick off the opposing teams using crazy weapons, tools, and other utilities, as well as whatever foul strategies they can devise. Worms die when they lose all of their energy or plunge into the water. The winning team is the one that manages to survive the mayhem and have worms left standing when the dust settles. Sound simple? Easy to play but difficult to master, it's a game of deep strategy that belies its simple appearance.

Worms Cheats

Quit options

Unlock Xbox 360
Pause game play and press L. Press L again to leave that screen. Doing this on the landscape generation screen will return the game to the title screen.

Toggle worm names

Unlock Xbox 360
Hold Top R and press Red to toggle the display between all names, your names, and no names.
Hold Top R + Blue during game play.

Sheep mode

Unlock Xbox 360
Press Green, Up, Pause(2), Yellow at the title screen to immediately get three sheep, one banana bomb and one minigun. Enter the weapon options screen for unlimited sheep.

View level

Unlock Xbox 360
Hold Top R and press the D-pad to shift the view around the current level.

Change fuse

Unlock Xbox 360
Hold Top R + Red to change the fuse on a grenade, cluster bomb or banana bomb.

Change bounces

Unlock Xbox 360
Hold Top R + Blue to toggle between high and low bounces on a grenade, cluster bomb or banana bomb.