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I used to have a Tekken face. You know the type – very stiff, very stoic. It really baffled my opponents. They couldn't understand why I wasn't angry when I lost, or why I didn't smirk or smile after a glorious win. Most of the time they'd walk away feeling down and defeated. Every once in a while an arcade junkie would fire a few angry words, hoping to break my... Read Review

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Gran Turismo 5 Offers Special Editions Of Variable Extravagance

Special editions for games are getting more and more elaborate. Gone is the time when a special edition consisted of a "limited" cardboard sleeve over the DVD case. And perhaps some postcards. Now, though, in these days of night-vision goggles, cat helmets, packs of cards and poker chips? A game's special edition better offer something... well, special. Gran Turismo 5 is the latest to step up to the plate and show its goods. And there's a selection of different editions to choose from. Hit the jump for full details of the goodies in these shiny boxes. Read More


Nintendo Download - 2/1/10: Swing True, Bet Big and Vanquish Evil with New Game Downloads

Not a huge week in the Nintendo Download to start out the month of February, at least not in scope. In terms of quantity, on the other hand, nine isn't so bad. Golfers on the go can download the new Express version of True Swing Golf on the DSi, as well as staples such as 5 in 1 Solitaire and DOWNTOWN TEXAS HOLD'EM. The brain-training types have Move your Brain Rollway Puzzle, and Legends of Exidia seems like just the thing for traditional gamers. WiiWare also has 5 in 1 Solitaire, plus an action-puzzler in Tumblebugs 2. But odds are, most eyes are going to be on the fifth and final chapter of Tales of Monkey Island. And finally, from the oldschool comes one of the stars of the upcoming Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, Alex Kidd, as he takes on the legions of ninja which inhabit Shinobi World. Interestingly enough, this Master System game was never released in Japan. For full descriptions of each game, check out the press release that follows after the cut. Read More


Nintendo's First-Quarter 2010 Lineup Revealed

Today, Nintendo issued a press release which reveals their lineup for the first quarter of 2010, which includes Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, whose box art can be seen above, as well as new pink and blue Wii Remote/MotionPlus packages on February 14th. "Along with the current White and Black versions of the controller, now every player in four-player matches can have his or her own color." Of course, the lineup isn't limited to first-party offerings, though many of the "dates" posted are rather vague, including "March," "Spring," "Q1," and in the case of No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, "late January." Hit the jump for the full press release. Read More


Nintendo Download - 8.03.09: Gridiron Action, Art Style Antics, Robot Battles, and Seductive Bets

In this week's Nintendo Download, the Virtual Console is back after a two-week hiatus with Tecmo Bowl. "But wait, what's this?" you're probably saying. "We already got Tecmo Bowl on the Virtual Console last year!" And indeed, while this is true, it is also not quite entirely true; this Tecmo Bowl is actually the arcade version. And all said, Tecmo Bowl isn't a bad game for Nintendo to post to the service... that is, provided you like football. Other fun this week includes the WiiWare titles Overturn, an 800-point robot versus robot fighting game, and Sexy Poker, an M-rated strip poker game for 500 Wii Points. Don't get too excited, however; Emi, Sakura, and "their seductive girlfriends" will only go as far as their swimsuits or underwear. Finally, DSiWare is the recipient of Art Style: precipice, a 500-point game which, by the gist of it, sounds like "escape from Tetris," with your character trying to avoid death by falling blocks. Check out more details on each game in the press release after the cut. Read More


Nintendo Download - 7.20.09: Art, Cards and Crystals Have Gamers Seeing Spots

Remember last week when we got not one, but TWO new Virtual Console games? Apparently that's not the new norm. In fact, apparently that extra VC game was taken from this weeks update, which has none. Both WiiWare and DSiWare get a big release this week, though. First up on WiiWare is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord. It's a tower defense follow-up to My Life as a King, and at 1000 points, it's 500 less than that game was. The DLC is pretty killer, though. There's 5700 points worth of it available, at least in Europe. That means the game plus all of the DLC will cost a whopping 6700 points, or $67, $17 more than a retail Wii game. DSiWare sits on the opposite end of the spectrum of excess with Art Style: Zengage for 500 points. You can't really go wrong with Art Style games. Check past the break for the full list of releases. Read More


Nintendo Download - 6.1.09: Dash, Shuffle and Flip Your Way To Fantasy

Compared to the retail games shipping out this week, the latest Nintendo Download isn't so bad. In fact, with the arrival of the first episode of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years to WiiWare, it's a bit better than some weeks altogether. Of course, the price for a single episode may be off-putting to some at 800 Wii Points, but I suppose it could be worse; Strong Bad's episodes went at a thousand Wii Point apiece. If RPGs with green-haired ladies aren't your thing, then WiiWare also has a new Texas Hold'em game, aptly titled Texas Hold'em Tournament. It's only 500 Wii Points and supports up to six players. Or, there's Boulder Dash from the Commodore 64, also for 500, which is described as "one of the big computer-game classics," and is a rare instance of a home game being ported to arcades, rather than the other way around. And finally, if you're on the go, WayForward's Mighty Flip Champs! lands on DSi, and costs a whopping 800 DSi Points. Nonetheless, the puzzle-platformer looks to be rather innovative, and hopefully as fun as it sounds. Hit the jump for the full press release with more info. Read More