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World of Zoo is a family-friendly game that will open the gates for gamers to freely roam their zoo in ways they have only imagined. With more than 90 different animals spanning 11 families to care for, players will have ample opportunities to engage with all types of species. The Animal Creator feature will allow players to create an unlimited number of animals and be able to customize each one. They can even add animals to any of the 20 different exhibits available in the game utilizing the Animal Adoption Network feature. Players can also learn about their animals through fun animal facts provided by National Geographic. Each animal is completely unique with different personalities and behaviors. It will be up to the player to determine ways to gain their trust and keep their animals happy, ultimately earning a Magic Moment from their animal.

World of Zoo Review

From Flight Simulator to Zoo Tycoon, there’s no question that Microsoft Game Studios has a considerable presence in the simulation genre. While players have historically shown a great interest in managing zoological parks, World of Zoo is not the generic expansion or sequel some might be expecting. It is a completely redesigned simulation that focuses on interactions with the animals at a more personal level. This emphasis on character is conveyed in a number of ways. To begin with, the player does not hover endlessly over a massive landscape like some omnipotent being. Instead, you will find yourself on your “feet” among the animals. This means the creatures will directly respond to your presence. Their actions might be aggressive at times, but there is nothing... Read Review

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