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Cataclysm sells a whopping 4.7 million copies

Cataclysm sells a whopping 4.7 million copies

  I haven't spent too much time with World of Warcraft, so clearly I've spent very little time with game. However, I'm in a house of four WoW players, meaning it's pretty hard to avoid the ubiquitousness of the title. For the month of December, nothing but Cataclysm remained played. Seems my household wasn't the only one to be sucked into the gaping maw that is WoW. According to Blizzard, 4.7 million copies of this latest expansion pack were sold, making it the fastest selling PC title in history. Impressive is an understatement, as many games would be lucky to sell a small fraction of those numbers. Heck, even an MMO would be lucky to have a fraction of those subscribers, much less a number of purchases of an expansion pack in one month. Can you imagine how many more copies of this game will sell over the next year and more? For a title nearing seven years old, Blizzard has easily made the most successful game of all time. Wow indeed. Read More

kombo Jan 10, 2011 | Comments