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World of Kung Fu Online Client

The World of Kung Fu is a 3D MMORPG for the PC. 

World of Kung Fu Online Client

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MMO Client: World of Kung Fu Online Client
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World of Kung Fu Online Client
Mike Splechta Mike Splechta
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MMO Client
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1 GB
July 05, 2010

Description of World of Kung Fu Online Client

The World of Kung Fu is a 3D MMORPG for the PC. Based on the traditional Chinese culture, the game takes place in a mythical land founded on the ancient Kung Fu moral values of justice and heroism. Breaking away from the limits imposed by 'professions', each player starts the game as the martial artists of old, studying Kung Fu in a remote village. Having perfected certain chosen skills by completing extensive training and undergoing numerous tests, players set out to take part in the creation of the Wulin, a classic Kung Fu society. As they travel throughout the various territories of ancient China, players will be able to demonstrate their valor and bravery as they strive to become martial art legends. Rooted in the soil of Chinese traditional society and mythology, the game is designed to provide an authentic cultural experience in which the player will be exposed to the profoundness of its ancient philosophy and rich customs while enjoying the amazing adventures and quests it offers. The 3D graphics are inspired by beautiful landscapes of the uncontaminated countryside portrayed in Chinese traditional paintings. As in the real world, World of Kungfu is a complex network of various interconnecting systems. Unlike other games in which the point of the experience is to defeat monsters and enemies, this game invites the martial artists to become deeply involved in the development and establishment of a society which interweaves economic and social systems. The game also enables the players to enjoy the emotions of a private life filled with romance and drama. Furthermore, as they increase their skills, the players can establish their own school and master their own style of Kung Fu which they will then be able to pass on to others.
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