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Top Ten Most Overrated Games

Top Ten Most Overrated Games

People love to throw around the words “best of all time” quite often in video games. Be it from misplaced nostalgic tinglings, or just shock and awe from the latest game design/technological revolution, it's safe to say we are easily impressed. But the world of video games is comparatively young. It is difficult to call anything the “best ever” in an industry so young with such a long future ahead of it. With that in mind, here is a top ten listing featuring some of the most overrated games ever.   10. Gears of War 2     Gears was always billed as being this console generation's Halo.  Well, it turns out that this generation's Halo was...well, Halo. Gears of War is still one of this generation's most prominent faces, but the sequel didn't quite live up to the reputation of the original.  For starters, the shallow yet badass one-liner heavy early 90s action movie storytelling from the original was replaced with something far more melancholy (and easier to franchise) which drastically altered the mood.  Beyond matchmaking, the multiplayer received no real game making innovations over the first installment, and the weapon rebalancing pissed off as many loyal players as it appeased.  Perhaps Gears 3 can offer a true step up in the formula. Read More

kombo Aug 30, 2010 | Comments
Ninja Theory: Enslaved not Created With Sequel in Mind

Ninja Theory: Enslaved not Created With Sequel in Mind

In an age of sequels, trilogies and game franchises that last fourteen or more iterations, it's refreshing when a developer doesn't expect their game to become a cash cow ripe for milking. That's what Ninja Theory head Tameem Antoniades told CVG recently, remarking that the team isn't leaving anything out of their upcoming Enslaved so that they can put it in the sequel. That's not to say the game definitely won't be followed up with a sequel, though. It just doesn't need one. Hit the jump to keep reading. Read More

kombo Jul 21, 2010 | Comments