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World Gone Sour Review

When asked to review a game, one generally doesn’t assume that it is going to be on a popular cinema candy like Sour Patch Kids. World Gone Sour is a game that is centered around just that, a Sour Patch Kid making its way to its life long goal - to be eaten. The storyline is shown to you between levels in a short cinematic, and they even show you who the boss is going to be during one... Read Review

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Singularity Review

Singularity Review

  Stories based on the premise of time travel often end up needlessly convoluted, and Singularity is no exception. That doesn't make the overall experience any less satisfying, though. Even those averse to paradoxical parambulations shouldn't let the plot stop them from picking this title up; the real meat is in the varied and polished gameplay. For a BioShock clone, Singularity has a ton of original ideas, and even those that are borrowed from other games are executed with finesse. After crash landing on an abandoned Soviet island, Captain Renko - the game's silent-but-deadly protagonist - is unwillingly transported back to 1955, at the height of the facility's experimental research into the newly discovered Element 99. Naturally, Renko screws up history, and when he's promptly hurled back to the future, he discovers that the entire world is now ruled by a communist chancellor. Hit the jump to continue reading. Read More

kombo Aug 12, 2010 | Comments
Four New Read Dead DLC Packs Announced and Detailed

Four New Read Dead DLC Packs Announced and Detailed

Zombies are spilling into the Wild West, folks. But don't let that be the single takeaway from this news. Rockstar has just announced new Red Dead Redemption DLC plans. Four packs coming over the next few months, each of them priced at $10. See the full list, details and more after the break... Read More

kombo Jul 8, 2010 | Comments


Dashing through the air, I look up at the beautiful sunset and look down at the crowded city. People cry for help, some in need of medical attention, Read More

jkdmedia Jul 11, 2004 | Comments