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The famed title that created an entire video game genre, Wolfenstein 3D offers players a chance to experience the intensity of escaping from Castle Wolfenstein all over again. Classic enemies like Hans Grosse and Mecha-Hitler await players in the six episodes that span 60 levels.

Wolfenstein 3D Cheats

The secret rooms are like any other room except they are accessed by a "secret passage" (not really a door). There are certain wall panels which can be pushed. The wall will then slide back revealing a passage to another room. Secret rooms are usually used to store treasure, keys, food, first aid and ammo packs and more powerful guns.
The secret levels are just another level which has been made harder to find than others. To get to a secret level a special elevator (in appearance they look like a normal elevator) must be taken from one of the normal (non-secret levels). Special elevators are hidden. There is one secret level per episode. After a secret level is completed, the exit elevator will provide to the next normal level to be completed.

Cheat mode

Press X during game play to display the options menu. Highlight the "New Game" option and press C. The level password menu will appear. Enter one of the following codes and press P to continue the game. Note: APPLEIIGS will also be accepted as a valid code, but has no effect on the game.

Fast map

Press C + A to display the map, and release A while keeping C pressed. Press the D-Pad to move the map twice as fast as normal.