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Steam\'s QuakeCon Pack Offers Ludicrous Amounts Of Awesome

  On a budget? Got 70 bucks to spare? Then you could do far worse than check out Steam's QuakeCon pack. After all, what better way to celebrate the world's biggest LAN party—and Mecca to FPS fans—than with a ton of awesome games? 70 bucks, though? That must buy, what, four or five games? And they're probably not very good, either. There might be some leftfield indie stuff in there. But there's no way that there'd be something awesome like Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition in there, right? Wrong. Find out more after the jump. Read More


Doom II To Hit Xbox LIVE Arcade This Wednesday

Back at QuakeCon 2009, id Software announced that Doom II: Hell on Earth would be heading to Xbox LIVE Arcade. No release date was given at the time. Doom fans jonesing for their next dose of early-90s FPS action performed all manner of dark ceremonies in an attempt to divine when their beloved game would emerge from the pits of Hell, but to no avail. At last, though, the wait is over. Doom II is set to hit Xbox LIVE Arcade this Wednesday. Hit the jump to find out more. Read More


C.O.R.E - NDS - Review

They just dont make shooters like they used to, and theres a reason. Scratch that there are several reasons. Games such as Wolfenstein 3D and Doom ar Read More


id at First Thought Duke Nukem Forever's Demise Was a Joke

When it was reported that Duke Nukem Forever was nearing completion, we all had a good laugh. But then, the next thing we knew, developer 3D Realms closed down (only not), and the joke seemed to have taken on a new life as something else entirely. id, another developer of such acclaimed first-person fare as Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, and Quake, thought that the announcement itself was a joke when they first heard about it. Read More


Search Expands to Online for Real-Life Duke Nukem

The Duke Nukem franchise hasn't been having the best of luck lately, with 3D Realms closing and not knowing the fate of Duke Nukem Forever. Well, there is a glimmer of good news for Duke fans, earlier this year we mentioned that Apogee Software is conducting a contest to find a real-life Duke Nukem. Well it looks like no matter where you are you have a chance, Deep Silver Inc. and Apogee Software have expanded their search for the real-life Duke Nukem from 3 cities to an online audition. Hit the jump for the press release. Read More