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Wizardlings challenges players to explore unique landscapes by using magic wands to fight back the shadows that cover the world and reveal the vibrant land hidden beneath. With each new tile uncovered, the player reveals flowers, trees, buildings, and hundreds of other objects and treasures – some of which are used as ingredients to create mighty spells.  Beware – lurking in the shadows are dangerous monsters guarding various tiles that players must defeat in order to bring the Light back to all corners of the world.

Wizardlings Review

Today marks the release of another Square Enix iOS 'Tap RPG' Wizardlings, which will have you exploring the lands of Skywind as a wizard, and taking on various monsters. Wizardlings is a cute, tile based RPG that puts you in the shoes of either a boy or girl wizard, on a quest to save the lands of Skywind from Darius Black, an evil wizard who covered the land in darkness. The gameplay revolves around walking around and exposing dark tiles, which reveal items, terrain, or monsters to fight. While it doesn't seem all that involving at first, there is a lot to Wizardlings that isn't apparent from the get go. By uncovering tiles and collecting various ingredients, you'll have the ability to craft various elemental spells. These spells are then helpful when... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Wizardlings.