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Next Batch Of PlayStation Plus Goodies Revealed

  PlayStation Plus subscriber? Or perhaps wondering whether or not the service is worth actually paying out money for? Sony have just released details of the goodies that will be available to subscribers throughout August and September. Perhaps some of these might convince those who are on the fence one way or the other. Full inventories of the swag bags after the jump. Read More


Players Claim Wipeout HD Ads are Increasing Load-Times

Packed inside the Fury DLC for Wipeout HD on the Playstation Network is the evolution of in-game advertising. Instead of conspicuous billboards and posters littered around the game-world, advertising firm Double Fusion - in partnership with Sony - has embedded streaming video advertisements that appear while the game is loading. Players are now complaining that the ads make load-times more than twice as long, using YouTube videos comparing pre and post-DLC load times as evidence. What could this mean for future games? Read on to find out. Read More