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WildStar | Strain Ultra Drop Trailer

Get ready to be infected by our most viral Flick yet? Strain Ultra Drop is almost here and it will reveal even more of planet Nexus: more loot, more content,...

WildStar Flick: Strain

Get ready to be infected by the most viral WildStar Flick yet. Strain Ultra Drop is the first post-launch content drop and will reveal even more of planet Ne...

WildStar | Launch Trailer

In this new trailer you’ll get a bit of the reason each faction has come to Nexus. What evil lies beneath the paradise above though? Has everyone fallen for ...

Interview | Stephan Frost - WildStar Game Design Producer

Interview | Stephan Frost - WildStar Game Design Producer

Have you been logging into WildStar’s open beta every day for your Boom Boxes?

Boom Boxes are darling little devices have wonderful prizes inside of them. These gifts include mounts, items, costumes, XP, and decorations for housing. So ...

Top 10 Reasons to Play WildStar

WildStar, the sci-fi MMORPG from Carbine Studios, just started a 10-day Open Beta that runs through May 18. That's roughly two weeks until the game launches ...

WildStar | Story Trailer

So just what is going down on the surface of Nexus? What sort of evil brews? What sort of secrets await? The mystery is revealing itself and it needs you to ...

PAX EAST | Wildstar Interview - Carbine Studios President Jeremy Gaffney

Matt Lieble interviews Carbine Studios President Jeremy Gaffney about Wildstar at PAX East and asks about free to play vs subscription, end game content, and...

WildStar | PAX East Clip: 40-player raid armor

These are some 40-player raid sets from clearing the Datascape content in WildStar.

Wildstar Housing Gameplay

Housing is a main component of WildStar, Carbine Studios' upcoming sci-fi MMORPG. Watch a bunch of the customization to your housing plots and items, as well...

Wildstar Warplots Gameplay

Warplots are 40v40 Elder Game PvP match in Carbine Studios' upcoming MMORPG WildStar. Watch as GameZone protects the generator against the enemies in this Wa...

Wildstar Battlegrounds Walatiki Temple Gameplay

Wildstar Battlegrounds Walatiki Temple Gameplay

WildStar | DevSpeak Adventures

Think of adventures as five person simulations where you relive different in game experiences with areas you’ve already completed, new game modes, and overal...

WildStar Flick | Adventures

On Nexus, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the virtual construct the Caretaker. From this video, I get the sense that he either wants to guide you through...

WildStar | DevSpeak: Medic

Don’t let the name Medic fool you. This class means business on both the damage and healing side of things. Through fields, probes, and stations, the Medic h...

WildStar: Stalker DevSpeak Trailer

WildStar Stalker DevSpeak Trailer reveals the stealth class that combines Batman, Wolverine, and Predator... what else really needs to be said?

WildStar: DevSpeak Esper Class Trailer

The Esper is a powerful illusionist and psionic blade wielder. As the master of mental prowess, the Esper can give nightmares to your foes or pleasant dreams...

Pax 2013 Wildstar Interview Stephen Frost With Amie Lynn

Pax 2013 Wildstar Interview Stephen Frost With Amie Lynn

WildStar | DevSpeak: Aiming

Carbine released a brand new DevSpeak video featuring aiming. I know what you’re thinking… “Aiming? So what?” WildStar isn’t interested in your typical tab-t...

WildStar | DevSpeak Movement

Look, if you've played a MMO ever, you know those classic WASD controls. WildStar doesn't look to reinvent the wheel when it comes to movement controls. In a...

The Recap - 02/06/13 'Project Blackstone related to StarCraft 2 and new info on WildStar'

Welcome to another Recap episode where we go over the day's biggest headlines, making sure that you're caught up in all things video games. Project Blacksto...