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20 Years of Super Mario Bros. 3

I knew the anniversary of Super Mario Bros. 3 was coming-- Nintendo Power mentioned it on their preview page for the next issue. I just didn't realize that the anniversary would come so soon-- today, that is. Fortunately, GoNintendo and EJ Massa (I have that shirt, by the way) have served up a helpful reminder. How best to celebrate? That would be a good question. The obvious answer would be to grab one of its many releases (NES, Super NES as part of Super Mario All-Stars, Super Mario Advance 4 on Game Boy Advance, or even a Wii Virtual Console download) and play, play, play. Of course, that doesn't lend itself very well to a website, and it's short notice for a good retrospective, so instead, here are some videos to help trigger nostalgia. First up, here is how many people first saw the game-- not on their television screen, but on a movie screen in 1989's The Wizard: Perhaps the one and only time "Mario" and "Armageddon" will ever be associated. More after the cut. Read More


Microsoft Motions for Dismissal in Antitrust Case, Cites Wii's Numbers and Apple Precedent

Late last year, Microsoft kindly let users know that following a specific update, they would no longer be able to use "unauthorized" storage devices with the Xbox 360. This understandably upset one manufacturer of such devices, Datel, who sought to find a solution, but ultimately decided to sue Microsoft for trying to create a monopoly. Microsoft's defense is that if Apple is able to prevent the manufacturer of other computers from selling unauthorized Mac OS X machines, they should be able to halt the selling of unauthorized plug-ins loaded with cheats. Read More


Capcom: 2.5-D for Future Fighting Fun, May Announces New Vs. Title in '10

Fans of Capcom's fighting game franchises received a few interesting tidbits to chew on today, as the company spoke of where we can expect things to go in the future. For starters, the 2.5-D effect used in Street Fighter IV went over so well among the developers that it spilled over into Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. And according to the producer of that game, Ryota Niitsuma, that is the visual style that the company is going to use in all Capcom fighters for the foreseeable future. Read More


Little King Sequel Looking a Little Unlikely

The Little King may not have much more of a story to tell, according to Producer/Director Yoshiro Kimura. Unless more people start picking up the title, then the chances of another are slim. Kimura told that even though he has been "working on new concepts for the next Little King's Story," actually developing a sequel is going to be "a little difficult" without the sales to justify it. Read More


Nintendo Download - 1/4/10: A New Decade Brings Seven New Downloadable Nintendo Games

Following the likes of Super Mario Kart, Blaster Master, Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth, Super Smash Bros., and Pilotwings, one could easily forgive Nintendo if they didn't bring anything noteworthy in this week's Nintendo Download. And while there is nothing quite on the level of the aforementioned, a new Final Fight game isn't anything to sneeze at, either. In addition to FF3, Nintendo has a new action-puzzle DSiWare game in the form of Trajectile, for just 500 points, and those who love the antics of chef Gordon Ramsay may appreciate that there is a special version of Hell's Kitchen available today for 800. Three more titles across DSi and WiiWare help round things out. Check out full details on each game in the press release after the cut. Read More


Sunsoft Returns, Blaster Master Coming to Virtual Console

Sunsoft, creator of fan-favorite games such as Blaster Master and Batman for the NES, has announced that they will be returning to active console publishing in the North American market, thanks to some assistance from the startup known as GAIJINWORKS. Of the new partnership, GAIJINWORKS President Victor Ireland stated, "My relationship with Sunsoft and Yoshida-san goes back more than 15 years, and when this opportunity presented itself to help Sunsoft return to the US console market, it was a natural fit for both our companies." Read More