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Wheelman - PS3 - Review

You drive like you've done this before. What are you, a wheelman? Vin Diesel famously said this line in The Fast and the Furious film. Now the roles Read More


Midway Newcastle Moving on to Next Project; Ubisoft "Vindicated" Design Decisions

As Midway continues to struggle to right their ship in the US during their Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it appears that for Midway Newcastle, things are business as usual. Having just finished Wheelman, Designer Simon Woodroffe revealed to that they've already begun to prepare for their next release, which "will be open-world for sure," and build on the technology used in Wheelman. In addition, it seems that they hope to work in one of Vin Diesel's more daunting requests for Wheelman, which included "some giant multiplayer stuff." Read More


Wheelman - 360 - Review

In a world where Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row and Crackdown showcase incredibly open world environments, there are many copy cats that can only dream Read More


Wheelman - PC - Review

Action hero Vin Diesel takes center stage in Wheelman, blending explosive action with vicious car chases into something clearly aimed at teenage boys Read More


Wheelman Demo Now on Xbox LIVE; PlayStation Network Coming Soon

With Midway potentially cutting open the goose to reach the golden eggs inside, it seems that the only potential moneymaker the company has left (barring potential arcade classic re-releases) is their upcoming Vin Diesel vehicle, The Wheelman. Will it skyrocket to success, or crash and burn? That's for popular (or perhaps unpopular, if you're Midway) to decide, and the time has come for players to get their first impression of the title, as publisher Ubisoft has announced that the playable demo has arrived on Xbox LIVE, and will arrive soon on the PlayStation Network. Hit the cut to see what their press release has to say. Read More


Wheelman Dev on Cross-Development: "The PS3 Is a Huge Pain in the Ass"

Though the power of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 may be "fairly equal," that doesn't necessarily mean that developing for the two platforms is the same. Case in point: Shaun Himmerick, the Executive Producer for Midway's The Wheelman, was recently asked by This Xbox Life on their podcast what it had been like to develop for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 simultaneously. And Himmerick didn't hold anything back. Read More


Ubisoft Partners with Midway to Publish The Wheelman

You know, as time goes on and more news comes in, I'm starting to get the feeling that Midway might just manage to pull this off and get back on their feet. Their latest announcement is that they are going to partner with Ubisoft, who will be the publisher for Midway's upcoming Vin Diesel game The Wheelman in "major territories," including North and South America, Australia, and a decent chunk of Europe, leaving Midway to publish in whatever is left. The full press release provides more details after the cut. Read More


Wheelman Gets a New Launch Date

You know, with all of the bad news we keep hearing about Midway, it's been quite easy to forget that they still have games in production that are due to come out. Case in point: Wheelman, featuring Vin Diesel, who I hear has been in some movies, too. The game was due for a February release, but has instead been pushed back to March 20th, hopefully a sign o Midway taking their time and making sure they give it their very best. In addition, Midway plans to "pre-launch" a demo on both Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network. Read More