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Break out the anvil and craft weapons for the NPCs you’re used to playing as. In no time, you’ll be exploring the possibilities of being an blacksmith’s apprentice.  

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You have to give credit to the folks behind the wonderful Guild games on the 3DS. Each of them are wildly different from one another, offering glimpses at various gameplay styles, and all at a very affordable price. The only one absent from the full set was Weapon Shop de Omasse, a game so wonderfully meta and so full of character, it's almost not surprising that it took this long for the game to make it over here. Still, I'm glad it finally did. There have been a few cases where RPGs and JRPGs took you out of hero's shoes, and instead made you a secondary character. You're not saving the world directly per se, but instead you're contributing to the hero that is. Games like Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale or the more recent Kickstarter You Are Not The Hero... Read Review

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